06 April 2008

OMG it's 2008

Sorry guys, It has been so long since I have last blogged, I'm lazy I guess. Life has consisted of the normal chaos, quietness, tiredness, unprintable turns life it usually does.

Just after my birthday I went on a little road trip to Perth with a couple of friends to see the red bull air race. It was a really good adventure. It is something I would not rush out and do again in a hurry, But it was something that given my time again I would do without hesitation.

The road trip was a long one, We drove 7100 Km, spent $1100 on 800 L of fuel. At one stage we were paying 60 cents/L above the city prices. No doubt It was a blessing to be driving a company car with included fuel.

Anyhoo, some of the highlights included;

  • Driving 146 KM in a straight line , no corners!
  • Driving along a 80 Km stretch of bush where every meter had 2ish broken glass bottles on the side of the road, Very sad!
  • Driving for about 1000 KM through uncleared bush, It is amazing how much of Australia’s native forest is uncleared in WA.
  • Being handed a brothel tour brochure, WTF!
  • Seeing the red bull air race planes flying around, they are amazing!
  • The usual road trip shenanigans.
  • Abandoning may of the caravan parks around the place due to the fact that they were just dirt dustbowls off to the side o the road.
  • Their crazy road rules, you can cross the road against one of thoes red dont walk things :-O

I’ll put pictures of my holiday up on the internet soon.

Oh yeah, I’m also now an Uncle, YAY!

My sister had a baby some 11 weeks ago, Its all cool, I don’t get to see them much and the baby is obviously all unresponsive. Last week it woke up one morning and discovered it had control over its hands. Sorry no pics for the internet :-)

Apart from that things have been relatively quite, I'm saving huge amounts of my take home salary to buy a new house, so I’ve kind of been light on money.(Sorry, but I have to keep on convincing myself that I'm doing the right thing, it can be so hard sometimes)


02 September 2007

August 2007

So, what’s been happening in the past month or so?

Well, my hard drive curse has continued, I'm up to 7 dead hard drives belonging to people who have had computers near my house from over the past year. Talking about dead electronic things, my good old mobile phone died. Some of you who have seen it in person might remember it because of its “uniquely Owen” case. It survived being chucked onto concrete across a room and so forth, I was in love with it. So I'm now onto one of those fancy does anything and everything under the sun. Fortunately these phones are small these days (one of my too priorities) . I hope it survives, it's already survived one small test (see below).

Anyhoo, It was August that just passed, a really popular month in Australia for being born, strange I know. Anyhoo, not wanting to be too different I too am born in August, and this year I decided to get a bunch of my friends from all walks of life along to celebrate it with me. The night was amazingly planned, the restaurant was right above the bar where we had drinks. I even managed to book the table 2 days before the night, even though they usually are booked out 2 weeks in advance. The meal was nice, I had some kind of pizza thingo. It was nice...

Once finished with tea, we had only to walk down some stairs and along a shop front to get to the next place, Fumo Blu’s, one of my favourite cocktail bars (My other is Elysium, but they have suddenly become popular and I think they have new owners). Anyhoo, Fumos, I really like the place, they have niceish cocktails, and it’s now less smoky :-D ohh, the fish tank is cool, along with the metal thing I say hello to each time I go there. I just find the place a nice place to go as it's quite enough to have conversations with people (I love tlakign), but not dead quite; they also have a whole heap of really good of the menu drinks that you learn about by going there over time, and they have these really cool couches.

Anyhoo, after a couple of drinks, and Tim buying me a supersized triple chartreuse on ice... (Yum! Thanks for that),We then moved on yet again, to a local pub (FYI, it was alongside the old Formula one track for F1 fans like me), It was cool there, but i cannot remmeber much. Anyhoo, I ended up dropping me new phone on the floor and it’s sound stoped to work ing( I might have just turned the volume down, meh drunkness does starnge things to me, but it works now). It all finished up by 2 am, I really hope everyone had a good time. If your keen to see more of the night, the pics are here.

So, anyhoo I must send out a big thanks to everyone who made it on the night, although it’s unfortunate that some people had to work :-( But the biggest thanks goes to Thi for staying on my back to organise something :-) So, what’s coming up? I'm just about to start planning a ~6000 KM road trip (hey, that’s more than enough to drive from Perth to Brisbane (through Melbourne and Sydney ). BRING IT ON!


07 July 2007

Uncle Owen

I’m not in much of a story writing mood at the moment, so bullet point bloggy thingo will have to suffice.
  • I’m going to be an uncle. That’s right, my sister is expecting a baby soon, apparently due in January some time.
  • My Fridays recently have been crazy, I don’t think I’ve spent a Friday night home in over a month or two.
  • Almost everyone I know is leaving Australia for holidays at the moment. 7 people I know are on multi month holidays at this moment in time, it’s crazy. Maybe I should go overseas...
  • I’ve been going out allot recently, it’s kind of sending me broke with all the saving I’m trying to do, oh well, at least I can eat into my saving when times get hard.
  • Talking about going out, I usually go to larger places around town, however I have been to quite a few smaller places around the place, they are really good, Like this one place I went to which has grass on the top of their tables. I’m hoping to do this a little more in the future.
  • Ohhh, someone from South of Adelaide this week cut they had off with a chainsaw, what made the accident really strange is that they put their hand in the fridge for 2 hours before calling for an ambulance. HELLO, if your hand is in the fridge you don’t have 2 hours to stuff around.
  • I have not been taking many pictures recently, might start again, this blog is boring without them.
  • I use to be a big, Big Brother fan, but this season has been soo boring. My solution is not to watch it :-P
On that note I think I’m out of here, Cheerios.

05 June 2007

Okies, I mentioned about a couple of things that might be happening / have happened.

Well, yes one had happened, and now the other looks less likely. So, I'll talk about the first one.

I have a new computer. Sad, i know, that this is a highlight I’m my life, anyhoo it’s one of those ones you can write on theirs screen. I’ll give it to you that it's kind of gimmicky. It's also a lot smaller than my last laptop, so it's taking some getting use to.

It also has Vista, it's good from what I can see, it’s different but I’m willing to give it a go.

Ohwell, time to go, but not before This Pic, Owen Guns in the Christmas parade in Sydney, 1942. Cheers Wikipedia


27 May 2007

April, May?

So, I have not said anything on here for a while, things have been soo bussy at work and I’ve been to exhausted to wite anything.

Excuses aside, I have finally managed to blog, yahoo! I now officially have my masters. The graduation was good, the obligatory speech was really short, amazingly short. I was also lucky enough to be right in the middle of the ceremony, three rows back, so at least I could see what was happening. This allowed on of my friends to clap every girl he thought looked good. Yeah, that’s right the ceremony was a bit ferial, ohwell, I went to unisa so what can be expected. Anyhoo, after that the people from my degree went to the awards ceremony for our school in the university. A couple of people were not invited from my degree, so they decided to gate crash the event!

See as the story goes, my degree use to have an awads night every year, howevere this year they decided to be stingey an not have one. So we kind of made them ahve one anyway. Anyhoo, we had the obligatory drinks afterwards, they were really cool.

Onto other news, My paramedic friend from high school has returned from the country. Just before he came back I went on one last 500 KM drive (The odometer on the car actually showed 500.6 Km, so since I’m fascinated by nice number like palindrome numbers, I got excited about this). Anyhoo, I went up there and came back all in the same day, I also got to listen to his paramedic radio when a head on accident on the highway was called through, fortunately it was only a person running into a barrier and then doing a runner, no majour accident with 5 people dead, so all was cool.

So, anyhoo, it’s good to have more of my friends back in the city, in fact all of my friends who moved out into the countryside have now all moved back.

I’ve been to the Tap Inn a couple of time recently, it’s a cool pub, I like it allot :-P I have also been to the Botanical Gardens in the city a couple of times, It’s soo nice and peaceful.

Not much else has really happened, Well, I might have a whole heap of things to say in the next couple of months, will see hey. Well,it took me 2 weeks to get this post up, so some things have happned, but im going to keep them for my next bolg otherwise I will never get this out.


21 March 2007

March Hey

So, what has been happening recently?

Work has been good. Apparently I’m doing really well, YAY! Lots of work to do, but hopefully lots of rewards. I’m looking to get a few friends from my uni course to join me at work, but the year below me. The good part about that is I will get a recruitment bonus :-)

I have been out a couple of times recently. By reading my blog people may only think that All I do is go out, well, that’s the only place I take photos, so it’s the only thing I have to talk about. Sad hey. ohh, like my new glasses ===>

I have been out with the uni people in the year below me. Unfortunately that ended with someone getting a little sick, oh well, it was still a good night. Hmm, I wonder how he got sick?

I meet up with an old uni friend who lives in Melbourne now days. We meet at his friends Adelaide fringe festival thingo , the “Hard rubbish café”. It was 10 PM, about 25 degrees, no wind, sitting in the parklands just at the end of Rundle Street (on the edge of the CBD), on couches, under party lights drinking a beer, just a nice relaxing time to catch up with old friends. I'm not a big fan of loud clubs.

I also have been out for Reverendtimothy’s birthday at the Almer and another celebration at his place. That was cool, I got to catch up with a whole heap of friends, no drinking for me tho, I was driving and the police were everywhere. Anyhoo, after being out every night last week I managed to sleep 13 hours in a row. I'm still suffering from my lack of sleep last week. I think im geting old.

I graduate next week, YAY! I will be the first and only person in my family to have a postgraduate degree, so I’m proud. Before my brother can try to correct me, I should point out that although my brother has an honors degree, honors is not postgraduate, its an extension of an undergraduate degree :-P

I’ve been getting into milkshakes at various coffee outlets in the city recently. I have to say, the iced coffee at Starbucks tastes soo much like an M&M drink if you mix it all up with the cream on top. Anyhoo, another place in town has a extramly nice TimTam milkshake. You have to have one!

Anyhoo, I’m pretending that I’m loosing weight at the moment. I’m not doing as well as I’d like, However, last weekend I discovered something really amazing. I can eat fast food and loose 2 kg all in the same weekend. How? Well I usually drink about 3 L of water per day at work, and I don’t drink much over the weekend, so I loose allot of weight through the waterloss.

Anyhoo, thats about it from me for now. Hopefully I will have something more to say soon.


04 February 2007

Welcome February 2007

Life has kind of crazy recently. I’ve been breaking stuff left right and centre.
  • My laptop is broken again, time for a new one? Maybe in a couple of months.
  • I blew up my wireless route thingo and a part in one of my families computers when I plugged them in after moving them.
  • I bought some work shoes in December, and have worn through the heals (like all my other pairs before these ones), I worked out that I’m spending about $5 / day for work shoes, not good for a guy.
  • My glasses broke, ummm, if you’ve seen me “show them off” before, you might know why. Anyhoo,
    - They could not be fixed, so $650 later I’ve got a new pair
    - I tried contact lenses, too much effort for my liking
    - My eyes have improved somewhat, so I did need new glasses anyway.

Warning, Tupperware containers are not oven proof, don’t forget you put one in the oven earlier in the day for a couple of minutes! K? They are easy to clean up though.

Apart from that work has been ok, I’m now passed my probation period. So now, my workmates tell me, I do not have to turn up until lunchtime. YAY!

This Microsoft fan boy has not got Vista yet. Maybe when I get a new pc. Scary hugh?

Some evil people are spamming using my domain. I don’t care much, I’ve not got some SPF thingo which allows people to tell if emails are from me or not, so if people are checking my spf record they can automatically block a whole heap of spam. Do it people!

I’ve been catching up with friends recently. All my friends who moved to the country seem to be moving back to the city.

Anyhoo, that’s pretty much for new, The Ne-Wo evolution continues.


08 January 2007

Hello 2007

Well, a fair few people have put up 2006 retrospectives on their blogs, however I want to look forward, not backward, so I'm only going to do a small one.

2006 was a full year for me, As a uni student I only managed to get around 3 weeks off in the year, unusual as there are normally 32 weeks in classes and exams. But 2006 marked the end of my uni degree, and therefore ending my education which started in 1988. Yay! But this also means I'm fully in the arms of the real world, a scary proposition.

I had 5 jobs with various employers, so Iv’e been kept busy.

Personally 2006 was un-enjoyable to the max, I’m leaving that there.

Anyhoo, 2007 looks to be better, I now have a Full time job, I have a huge bunch of money in the bank. I’ve set myself a good foundation to go somewhere, where that is I do not know, but I'm ready.

Enough of 2006. For the new years celebrations I went over to a friends house to have a cocktail party. We had a whole bunch of different alcohols, But my photos look like we did not have that many. All went well, We got one guy passed out at 10PM after our initial cocktail splurge. I even found another good chartreuse cocktail, this one involved other milk based spirits!

I've recently been going easier on alcohol, so I did not drink that much, infract I had no alcohol on x-mass day.

We found a couple of huge bugs, so as drunk people do, we put them in a cup together to fight, however not content with just that that we put a “Ring of Fire” around them to fight it out, unfortunately the ring of fire prematurely ended the fight.

Overall new years eve was good, everyone enjoyed their selves, Even the guy who passed out at 10, around 2 am he was awake again and coming back to normal.

Anyhoo, Welcome 2007 and